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SOHO vibe


The food is fresh, bold, and bright, with a nod towards healthier Cuban and Latino cuisine. The drinks are vibrant, sexy, and always fun. The walls are lush with exotic plants, local murals and vibrant colors. The music is rich and soulful, with a mix of 70's and 80's beats. Luv Child is a nostalgic place to gather, an all-day coffee bar, an exceptional cocktail lounge, we have a hang-all-day patio, and always a house party — all wrapped into one.


The Luv Child menu is created around our long time CRG executive chef and partner, Luis Flores and his favorite cuisine.

Born in Central America, he emigrated to NYC 35 years ago where he began his USA journey as a dishwasher. Over the next several years Luis worked in over 15 NYC restaurants until he joined CRG in 1990 as a Sous Chef at our original NYC Ciccio and Tony’s.


As a partner with CRG-Luis was integral in creating Forbicci, Fresh Kitchen, Taco Dirty, Green Lemon, Ciccio Cali, Daily Eats as well as "the original bowl place"...Ciccio Water. 

Luv Child is extra special to us. It's the type of cuisine Chef Luis dreams up on the weekends for himself and his family. Simple, fresh, clean cuisine with a plant based emphasis and fresh fruit cocktails. Luv Child honor’s Cuban tradition, but we thrive on our creative interpretation with a Soho/Miami vibe. 

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